My Clapham Connection

Started by joecushnan, May 08, 2017, 08:33:20 PM

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Hello everyone. This may be a strange one but I'll  carry on. I am Joe Cushnan. My father was John Cushnan from Belfast, also known as John Kelly from Derry. In 1960, he left our Belfast home, his wife and 7 children and pretty much vanished. The next we heard of him was when we were told he had died in Clapham in 1982. He was 57. I am researching his 22 'missing' years. He lived in Orlando Road. He frequented the Rose & Crown pub (Polygon) in the years when Jim Nicholson was landlord. He was an associate member of the British Legion club, Victoria Rise and he may have attended St Mary's Church. I have a list of names (mainly first names) of people he knew in the 1960s/1970s and early 80s. Liz and Gerry (who left Clapham to live in County Wicklow. They now live in Spain). George, Alf, Dennis, Jim, Doug, Helen and Denize, Judy & Vin McManus. I believe Judy was a barmaid for a time. At the British Legion, he knew the secretary Hugh Hamilton. My father worked for the Express Lift Company and had links to the Royal Naval Association, Battersea and the Nestle company. He may have had a relationship with a Mary English and they may have had a son who joined the navy.

If this stirs any memories, I would be very grateful for contact via  Thank you, folks.


This is a fascinating story, Joe. I hope you find out about that piece of your father's life. I wish I had useful info to share.

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